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Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles and improve postural alignment and flexibility. Our Clinical Pilates sessions involve use of both mat and reformer exercises, as well as other small props and weights. A reformer is a spring loaded machine that allows us to add varying degrees of resistance to each exercise.


At Adapt, each Clinical Pilates session is specifically programmed to your individual needs by our highly qualified Osteopaths. Following an initial assessment, we will develop a tailored plan to suit your condition, fitness level and specific goals. Each session will be closely supervised and instructed by an Osteopath and you will receive plenty of assistance and technique correction throughout your session.

Clinical Pilates taught by highly trained Osteopath, Female Osteopath, Pilates for pregnancy and post-natal
Clinical Pilates taught by highly trained Osteopath, Female Osteopath, Pilates for low back pain
Clinical Pilates taught by highly trained Osteopath, Female Osteopath, Pilates for injury rehabilitation

We require every client to complete an initial 1:1 session with us prior to joining our group classes. This is to ensure we have a great understanding of your condition and goals and can effectively tailor your Pilates sessions. We cap our group classes at 4 people per class, to make sure that each client receives a high quality service and ongoing support throughout the session. 1:1 sessions are also available upon request if a group setting isn’t for you, or you would prefer additional support.


Clinical Pilates is perfect for:

  • Anyone struggling with pain and injury that is impacting their daily activities or ability to exercise

  • Pregnant women (Clinical Pilates is an extremely safe and effective form of exercise during pregnancy, our Osteopaths are highly trained to prescribe and modify exercises during pregnancy and in the post-partum period)

  • Postnatal women wanting to assist their recovery, return to exercise safely or manage aches and pains

  • Anyone who feels that they need extra support or guidance to exercise safely and confidently in a 1:1 or small group setting

  • Anyone recovering from injury who struggles to complete rehabilitation exercises at home (a supervised group environment is a great way to increase accountability)

  • Over 60's wanting to improve or maintain bone density, muscle strength and balance

  • People with underlying health conditions that may not be suitable for other forms of exercise eg. arthritis, osteoporosis, post-surgical recovery etc.

Interested in Clinical Pilates at Adapt?

Please give us a call on 0491 038 827 for more information, or fill out the form and we will be in contact shortly.



Thanks for your message, we will be in touch shortly!


What are the costs for Clinical Pilates?

We ask that each person does a 1:1 session first so that we can get to know your goals, injuries and current abilities. This initial 1:1 session is $90 for 45 mins, which can be claimed on Private Health. Following this, all group classes are $55. We also offer a 10 pack of classes for $500 ($50 per class).


How many people are in each class?

We keep our classes small – a maximum of 4 people, so that each person gets adequate support throughout the session.


What if I’ve never done Pilates before?

Clinical Pilates is perfect for beginners because we specifically tailor the program to each individual. This means we can find the right exercises for your abilities and your specific goals, and if you have any injuries or restrictions we can accommodate these. `


What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations, otherwise a fee of 50% of the class price will be charged.


Is Clinical Pilates safe for pregnancy and post-natal?

Absolutely! Clinical Pilates is a very safe and effective form of exercise throughout pregnancy and even in the early post-natal period. Appropriate modifications are made to accommodate the changes your body is going through during this time. We recommend that you wait until you’ve had your 6-week post-natal check-up and you’ve been cleared to exercise by your doctor or obstetrician, after this you’re good to go (we can start quite gentle in this early stage and progress gradually). During pregnancy however, you’re safe to do these classes throughout the entire pregnancy.

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